The successful design and organization of a conference is like a puzzle made of many small individual pieces. Every little piece is a vital contribution in making your event a success.

 It’s always the small pieces that make the big picture.

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It doesn’t matter whether it concerns the strengthening of your brand, internal (strategic) communication, client retention, the presentation of a new product or sales promotions, we design creative shows and ensure that your message comes across on a perceptible and emotional level with your target group.

Because the way to the head is through the heart.

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Be amazed, make discoveries, feel emotions, discover new things together – our incentive trips provide lots of emotion above all. 
Whether it’s for 10 or 1000 participants, whether it’s in Germany, Europe or further afield, we develop a tailor-made concept for your group with exceptional, priceless highlights, individual out-of-the-ordinary activities that will make this trip an unforgettable experience and a really good motivator.

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Marketing, PR & Social Media

We support our clients not just in the events sector, but also in the three major areas of marketing, PR and social media. It doesn’t matter whether you are already active here or whether it is a completely new country for you. We are happy to support you, for example, in the creation of a marketing plan, the further development of your member marketing, targeted social media activity and traditional presswork.

If you want to have an impact on other people, you need to first speak their language. (Kurt Tucholsky)

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amazing bavaria – a service from boeld communication GmbH | DMC

We are all big fans of travel, and can often be found heading off into the wide world discovering new countries and cultures off the usual beaten track. Despite this, or rather because of this, we’re local patriots in the truest sense. 
Munich is our city, and we love the area with its lakes, mountains, traditional festivals and everything else that makes Bavaria so unique.

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Branch office management

Regarding branch office management, we at the boeld service company are pleased to offer to take over your time-consuming administrative work that may often prevent you from implementing and carrying out other important tasks.

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